Welcome to Startups in Canada (SinC). We’re a proud group of startup enthusiasts, providing a place to showcase and feature Canadian startups, their founding members, and their vision. As Entrepreneurs ourselves, we’re well aware of the challenges every startups face, including getting the attention and recognition they deserve. That’s exactly why we “started up” Startups In Canada.

At its core, Startups In Canada, or SinC, is a directory that lists and showcases local Canadian startups and their product/service offerings. For startups, this is HUGE! We’re pretty much passing you the mic to tell us and thousands of other people all about your business and what it is you’re trying to achieve! The best thing is that creating a listing and submitting your startup is entirely free! And free press is always a good thing. Not to mention we’ll let you throw a couple of backlinks in there for your website, apps, and any other online properties that you own, perfect for your SEO and back-linking efforts!

We’ll also be sharing with you some of the tips, tricks and tools that local Canadian entrepreneurs are using in their daily hustle! Think of it as a resource for Canadian entrepreneurs brought to you by Canadian entrepreneurs.


On the flip side for you startup enthusiasts, Startups In Canada is a great place for you to see what’s happening and unfolding in the land of Canadian startups.


Mission statement

Our mission is to showcase and feature local Canadian startups, their founding members and their vision.


Vision statement

Our vision is to further accelerate and strengthen the startup community here, within Canada.

So what’re you waiting for? Submit your startup today and gain the exposure you deserve. And if you have any questions, inquiries or are looking to advertise with us contact us here.