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Welcome back to our second #StartupSpotlight!


This week, I had the privilege and the opportunity to sit down with a really good friend of mine and someone who just happens to work out of the same incubator location as myself. Some might call it coincidence, I like to say that it was just meant to be.


Doug Murphy is the Founder & CEO of BuckitLife, an online hub for local adventures like skydiving, flyboarding, or gun range experiences. BuckitLife’s goal is to inspire, encourage and guide adventurous souls to squeeze the most out of life, by living their bucket list day to day, instead of putting it off until their next vacation. They’re successfully doing this by providing a faster, easier, and more fun way to discover, plan, and purchase adventures in your own back yard. Basically, BuckitLife is the Expedia for local adventures.


BuckitLife currently works out of The Forge Downtown, Hamilton’s incubator located at 245 James St. North.. Or as we like to call it (inside joke here), located right in the mix! The company is currently in their growth phase, working on providing opportunities for new employees, expanding into new markets, and most importantly, providing you with new and exciting adventures and experiences.



Startup Spotlight BuckitLife Team


So here we go, let’s get this started, shall we? Below is my interview with Doug:


When did you start your company and what was your source of inspiration or motivation for starting up?


Sept 2014. When a friend of mine passed away at 20, I realized that I didn’t want to keep putting off my bucket list adventures until my next vacation – I wanted to live to the fullest every day. When I went to do that, I realized that no company like Expedia or Kayak existed for the adventures in my own back yard – BuckitLife has filled that gap.


What is the meaning behind your company’s name/ how did you come up with that name for it?


Instead of promoting just a Bucket List, which is commonly associated with being completed in the later stages of one’s life, we wanted to promote a Bucket Life!!! Which is the lifestyle of living your bucket list daily.


Do you have any co-founders or employees? If so, describe your team’s dynamic and how you connected.


There are about 10 people on our team now – who all own a portion of the company. Originally I started the company with my co-founder Eric, who has since chosen to pursue other opportunities.


What have been some of the biggest challenges that you’ve faced with starting up? Describe them a little bit for us.


As Bruce Croxon once told me that, being an entrepreneur is about 49% losses and 51% wins. No matter how smart you are, starting a company will chew you up and spit you out, testing your persistence and determination regularly. The biggest challenge (and what I see as the biggest reason more people do not run successful companies) is remaining committed and passionate, despite all of the losses, disappointments, and generally shitty points of the journey. But like Winston Churchill said: “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm”


Have you reached any significant company goals or milestones that you’d like to share with us?


Definitely, there have been many milestones that we have achieved with respect to our key metrics, but the most significant achievement is seeing and hearing about how we help people create timeless memories, that they’ll remember with a smile for the rest of their lives.


What’s next to come for you and your team? Any big plans (that you can share with us, of course)?


GROWTH! We have some huge deals and implementations in the near future– stay tuned.


If you could pass on one piece of advice to entrepreneurs just starting up, what would it be?


Test before you build. Don’t waste time building an enormous product out of the gate – build the most minimalistic product you can and use it to test what people actually want – then build.


What’s your favourite quote or saying that you’ve either heard or say yourself? Why is this your favourite?


I’m a huge quote guy, so this was tough.. But I would have to say “As a man [or woman] thinkith, so is he”. As you face all of the challenges that a startup and life throw at you, you need relentlessly remain in a positive frame of mind (while also being realistic) If you don’t, the negativity consume you.


Finally, as a Canadian entrepreneur, how has your experience been starting up in the Canadian ecosystem? Do you feel that you and your team have received significant support?


We have experienced amazing support from fellow startups and our community. It’s truly inspiring to experience the human desire to collectively prosper, first hand. With that said, I’ve been very disappointed in government support of startups. Although many support systems exist, I’ve found that the individuals administering these programs have lost sight of their purpose in exchange for selfish and egotistically driven motives, and they are not being held accountable to the programs’ true purpose.


Looking to follow along BuckitLife’s journey and keep up to date with everything they’re getting up to? Be sure to check them out at:





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